In memory of my uncle, Mr. Farouk Syed

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada & Bangladesh.

February 18, 2019



I lost an important and very powerful uncle today. There a piece of my upbringing and me missing. I could only imagine what his wife, his brothers/sisters/ and my cousins are feeling like right now.

I can't even tell them to ”stay strong” because it's not a fair play of a card. The deck of cards ♣️ has uneven suits of numbers. I call it a horrible outcome of LIFE. Uncle Farouk/Mr. Farouk, you are my definition of international politics.

Thank you for the vision and experience to witness everything you have offered in a positive chain reaction. The vision you had to bring resources of information to the undermined people is just beautiful. I promise to complete the projects we started together in tribute to your legacy. I ALWAYS believed in you, there was ZERO doubt. I have always been proud of you. @# NRBNEWS24

<3 Sabbir "Syed" Islam n' family



Source:  Facebook